Secretary of Party Committee SCAU Xing Miao: College of Public Management progresses day by day

10 January afternoon, Secretary of Party Committee SCAU Xing Miao carried out investigation in CPM after 2 years of its foundation. He concluded some oppinions about the teaching reform, curriculum construction, Party Committee construction and student affairs administration after hearing reports by CPM leaders. Secretary Xing pointed out that, CPM as a teaching-oriented college presently, is characterized by numerous students, fast development, heavy teaching burdens. Hence we have to relate our work to reality. Also he suggested that we should base on developing students with quality-oriented comprehensive education, engage in teaching innovation to show unique characteristics. Teaching is fundamental, what you advanced about taking teaching as the basis of CPM is very good and must be held on, especially the teaching levels of young teachers need to be raised, since it is not easy to impart knowledge and solve puzzles.