Secretary Yi Gang leads a group participate in 2007 Guangdong Social Science Academic Annual Meeting

1 December 2007 afternoon, 2007 Guangdong social science academic annual meeting was held in the hall of Guangdong social science association. One of the world most important thinkers,  former director of London School of Economics and Political Science professor Antony Giddens was invited to give a presentation. His topic was The Nation-State in the Global Age. Professor Antony Giddens’ research involves social science, political science, psycology, philosophy and other subjects, what he advanced Structurized Theory has major effect globally, and also his idea about The Third Way affects dramatically the trend of western politics in late 20C, which put forward the issue of  “modernity” and “globalization” to the global research , in 2004, he had the honor to receive the award of  “life peer ” from the Queen. Mr. Wang Jianping, Ms. Jia Haiwei, Mr. Zhang Kaiyun, and Mr.Ye Yajian also attended the meeting.